Sober Dark & Stormy

Sober Dark and Stormy

Technical information:
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Preparation time: about 45 seconds
  • Cost: € on €€€€
  • Pleasure: infinite, and without compromise! 


Dark & Stormy Alcohol Free with the good taste of rum.

  • 1 half lime squeezed,
  • 1 cl of agave syrup,
  • 5cl of Sober-Rum,
  • 10 cl of Ginger Beer.


Take a Short Drink like a whiskey glass or a Tumbler (Mojito glass).

Pour a squeezed lime half directly into the glass, cut it into quarters after squeezing and put the pieces in the glass. Then add 1 cl of agave syrup and 5 cl of Sober-Rum 0,0%.

Fill with ice cubes or crushed ice and fill to the top (about 10cl) with Ginger Beer.

Mix well at the bottom & Decorate with a slice of lemon, it's ready to be eaten!

Option: Smoke the cocktail. Take a special board or surface and lightly burn a cinnamon stick to release smoke. Then cover the cinnamon stick with the glass and wait 15 seconds. You have just "smoked" the glass to further enhance the alcohol-free experience.


Bartender's secrets

1. Why smoke the cocktail glass?
Smoking a cocktail is a very popular (and appreciable) technique in mixology. Often based on barks or plants, this technique allows to flavour a cocktail by making it more complex to the nose. This smoky side, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon or sandalwood to name but a few will surprise you and create a wow effect with your friends!

2.Squeezing the lemon instead of pounding it?
Squeezing the lemon allows to recover only the good juice of the lemon. Squeezing reveals the bitter lemon peel and essential lemon oil. To balance the flavors it is better to squeeze than to mash.

3.Why use agave syrup?
Simply from a healthy point of view! Agave syrup is a natural sweetening agent produced from Agave with the great advantage of having a low glycemic index (GI) (15 for agave syrup, 54 for honey, 70 for sugar), which helps avoid insulin spikes and therefore avoid storage and weight gain.

History of the Dark & Stormy

The Dark & Stormy was born by mistake in the 19th century in the Bermuda archipelago.

Very much consumed in the whole archipelago and more globally in all the Anglo-Saxon and Commonwealth countries, ginger beer is also an essential product in Bermuda.

The mistake was made in 1830, in the heat of the year, when the bartender of Bermuda's most famous cocktail bar, exhausted by the heat, mistakenly spilled some dark rum into a customer's ginger beer. An intense foam was instantly created and, in its effervescence, formed a cloud of dark foam on top of the glass.

The customer, a sailor of the British Navy, tasted this drink and compared it to a stormy night at sea and named this cocktail: Dark & Stormy. This delicious drink, then put on all the cards of the bars of Bermuda became then an emblem widely diffused and adopted by all the countries of the Commonwealth thanks to the sailors of passage on the archipelago.

The Dark & Stormy was born.