Sober Cuba Libre

Sober Cuba Libre
Indications :
  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Preparation time: about 30 seconds
  • Cost: € on €€€€
  • Pleasure: infinite, and without compromise! 


Cuba Libre Sans Alcool with the good taste of rum.

  • 1 half lime squeezed,
  • 5cl of Sober-Rum,
  • 15 cl of Coca Cola.
  • Ice

Option: A cinnamon stick for a spicy & gourmet touch.


Take a Short Drink like a whiskey glass or a Tumbler (Mojito glass).

Pour a squeezed lime half directly into the glass, cut the lemon half in four after squeezing it and put the pieces in the glass. Then add 5 cl of Sober-Rum 0,0%.

Fill your glass with ice cubes or crushed ice and fill it to the top (about 15cl) with Coca Cola.

Mix & Garnish with a slice of lemon, it's ready to be enjoyed!

Option: Smoke the cocktail. Take a special board or surface and lightly burn a cinnamon stick to release smoke. Then cover the cinnamon stick with the glass and wait 15 seconds. You have just "smoked" the glass to further enhance the alcohol-free experience.


Bartender's secrets

1. Why smoke the cocktail glass?
Smoking a cocktail is a very popular (and appreciable) technique in mixology. Often based on barks or plants, this technique allows to flavour a cocktail by making it more complex to the nose. This smoky side, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon or sandalwood to name but a few will surprise you and create a wow effect with your friends!

2. Squeezing the lemon instead of pounding it?
Squeezing the lemon allows to recover only the good juice of the lemon. Squeezing reveals the bitter lemon peel and essential lemon oil. To balance the flavors it is better to squeeze than to squeeze.

History of Cuba Libre

The legendary Cuba Libre Cocktail has a simple history that goes back a little over a century. Born in 1901 in Cuba, it is the result of the meeting between Coca Cola brought by American soldiers to the island of Cuba and Havana rum.

Looking for a way to enjoy the local drinks and marry the famous American company Coca Cola, the Cuba Libre cocktail was created born between American soldiers and the know-how of Havana's bartenders.

Nowadays, the Cuba Libre is a must-have cocktail served all over the world.