SOBER Whisky Sour

Creamy & Gourmet


50ml of Sober Spirits Whisky Bourbon 0.0%

20ml of agave syrup
1 half yellow lemon, juiced
1 egg white


Short drink



How to do it

In the shaker, pour the juice of a half-squeezed yellow lemon.

Add 50ml of Sober Spirits Whisky Bourbon 0.0%, 20ml of agave syrup, and an egg white.

Shake vigorously dry (without ice) for about 10 to 10 seconds (Dry Shake technique).
Then add ice cubes to the shaker and shake again for 5 seconds to properly cool the mixture.

Strain and pour the cocktail into a whisky glass.

Garnish with a slice of dehydrated lemon or orange or a maraschino cherry and enjoy!

Bartender tips

Don't like egg white? Replace it with Aquafaba (chickpea brine).

The term "dry shake" is used to mix the ingredients and create a foam with the egg white without overly diluting the cocktail from the melting ice cubes.

Origins of the cocktail

The Whisky Sour emerged in the 19th century as a sailor's remedy against scurvy, thanks to its main ingredient, lemon. Having become a classic in American bars, it is famous for its balance between the robustness of whisky and the tangy freshness. Today, it is appreciated worldwide for its elegant simplicity and distinctive taste.