SOBER Planteur

Exotic & Smooth


500ml of Sober Spirits Rum 0.0%
100ml of agave syrup
150ml lime juice (=5 limes)
300ml of mango juice
200ml of passion fruit juice
500ml of pineapple juice
1 vanilla pod
Cinnamon stick


Highball glass

How to do it

Add all the ingredients directly into the bowl to make your non-alcoholic planter cocktail.

Split the vanilla pod, scrape out the seeds, and add them to the bowl (pod included).

Add cinnamon to taste (between 2 to 4 sticks for this recipe). If you want to drink it immediately, consider using cinnamon powder.

Stir and let it macerate for 2 hours in the fridge. When serving, add ice cubes and decorate your glass.

Bartender tips

If you want to enhance the experience, prefer using a juicer rather than industrial fruit juices.

Add a hint of ginger concentrate if you wish to spice up the Sober Planter further. The longer you infuse the cinnamon, the spicier the finished cocktail will be.

Origins of the cocktail

The term "Planter" referred to the colonist who came to exploit the local plantations. The wife of a Jamaican planter invented this cocktail for the sugar plantation workers. Quickly appreciated, the Fred Myers’s Rum distillery made it their flagship cocktail since its inauguration in 1879.