SOBER Mojito

Gourmet & Healthy


50ml of Sober Spirits Rum 0.0%
1 half lime squeezed

15 ml of agave syrup

8 fresh mint leaves

Crushed ice

Splash of sparkling water


Highball glass

How to do it

Directly into the glass, pour the juice of half a lime, cut the juiced lime half into four pieces and add them to the Mojito glass.


Then add 15ml of agave syrup and add the fresh mint (clapped between your hands beforehand to release more flavour).


Now fill your glass with crushed ice and add 50ml of Sober-Rum. 


Stir well at the bottom with a spoon, add a dash of soda water, garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, and it's ready!

Bartender tips

Striking the fresh mint reveals its full flavor, without releasing the bitterness of its sap. Before adding it to your glass, lightly rub the rim of your glass for even more flavor!


Squeezing the lemon allows to recover only the good juice of the lemon. Squeezing reveals the bitter lemon peel and the essential oil of the lemon. To balance the flavors it is better to squeeze than to pound.

Origins of the cocktail

In the 16th century, the explorer Francis Drake would cool off in Havana with a mixture based on mint and industrial rum. It was only from the 20th century that the recipe evolved with Caribbean rum and lime, called "Mojo". From 1920, the Mojito became a symbol of the country.