SOBER Caïpirinha

Tropical & Healthy


50ml of Sober Spirits Rum 0.0%
1 half lime squeezed

10ml of agave syrup

Crushed ice


Short drink

How to do it

Pour a squeezed lime half directly into the glass, cut the lemon half in four after squeezing it and put the pieces in the glass. 


Then add 10ml of agave syrup and 50ml of Sober Spirits Rum 0.0%.


Fill your glass with crushed ice and stir the bottom well. Add a little more crushed ice until you create a dome on the glass.


Decorate with a slice of dehydrated lemon and sprinkle lime zest on top, it's ready!

Bartender tips

Juicing the lime allows for only the good juice of the lime to be used. Muddling reveals the lime zest containing bitterness as well as lemon essential oil. To balance the flavors, it is therefore better to juice rather than muddle.

Origins of the cocktail

The famous Caipirinha cocktail originated in Brazil with Cachaça (a Brazilian rum) and has become the national drink, enjoyed everywhere from street corners to beaches.

As early as 1800, Brazilian slaves mixed "Garapa" (boiled sugarcane juice) with local brandy for celebrations, sometimes adding fruits or spices, creating "Batidas" like the popular "Batida de Limao" with lime - the precursor to the Caipirinha.


The cocktail's popularity grew with the availability of reliable ice production, making it more refreshing and easier to enjoy. The name "Caipirinha" officially emerged in 1900, blending "Caipira" (people) and "Curupirinha," signifying the people's drink.