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Health - Wellness

Designed for those who wish to reduce, limit or stop their alcohol consumption, the Sober Spirits range is guaranteed to contain 0.0% alcohol. A pregnant woman or a child can therefore safely consume the Sober Spirits range.

-> See certificate 0.0% Alc.

Our entire Sober Spirits range has been designed for regular consumption. We therefore keep the sugar content to a minimum.

  • Sober-Gin contains 0 sugar.
  • Sober-Whisky contains 0 sugar.
  • Sober-Rum contains only 4g of sugar, and yes... even if it is tiny, the base of a rum is still Sugar Cane 🙂

Our business is innovation, but we are currently developing a 0 sugar Sober-Rum.

Yes, let your imagination run wild and enjoy the full experience of a real spirit, without alcohol, without compromise.

SOBER-Rum is allergen-free and gluten-free.

SOBER-Gin is allergen-free and gluten-free.

As SOBER-Whisky is made from hazelnuts & barley malt, these two products are listed as allergens and gluten products respectively.

All our products are vegan.
-> See the allergy certificate.

Like a good red wine, a small natural brown deposit may form at the bottom of the bottle.

No problem, it's what you might call a "Nuage de Chêne", resulting from the infusions and distillations of French oak wood that we use in the making.

Sober Spirits was created with the aim of being consumed as an aperitif, without compromising your health, without compromising your goals.

We recommend Sober-Gin during your diet as it has no sugar (0% sugar). You can couple Sober-Gin with a 0% sugar tonic water to ensure a delicious cocktail without compromise.

For all your other cocktails in the Sober Spirits range, we recommend using agave syrup instead of sugar syrup. Agave syrup has a low glycaemic index, the body does not metabolise this sugar, and does not trigger insulin. Your diet is therefore under control!

-> See all our healthy recipes.


Every day, we strive to be as close to you as possible and where you usually consume.

We are in the process of creating a map with all our outlets.

Help us:
If your favourite bar, delicatessen or regular wine shop doesn't have our Sober Spirits products yet, tell them to send us an email at cmd@soberspirits.com on your behalf.
As soon as they order, we'll send you a special gift! 🙂

You will find a "best before" date on the bottle.

Once opened, use within 3 months. You do not need to refrigerate the product.

Although some people love to drink our products straight, with or without ice, the Sober Spirits range was invented for the creation of cocktails.

For a first experience, we suggest you smell to discover the aromatic complexity, then taste in a cocktail.

-> See all our best cocktails.

The Sober Spirits range is made from real spirits, which is why the olfactory and gustatory experience of Sober Spirits is amazing. Only the "hitch" of alcohol is absent, as there is no alcohol (0.0%). You can enjoy all the great taste of the spirit, without the alcohol and without compromise.

-> All about the manufacturing process.

The Sober Spirits range was invented with a simple objective: to have the same taste, smell and use as a traditional spirit.

You can then use an average of 4 to 5 cl of product to make your cocktails.

-> See all our recipes.

Sober Spirits is a French brand, designed entirely in France with French suppliers and with 100% French production.


Sober Spirits is the only brand in the world made from authentic spirits. Because of this uniqueness, we have no comparable competitors in terms of taste. We are inventing the products of tomorrow by combining innovative techniques and traditional know-how to provide the best possible non-alcoholic experience, far beyond what has been available on the market until now.

-> See all about manufacturing.

We would love to work with you to surprise your customers.
You can contact us right here: cmd@soberspirits.com

We will shortly be putting out a special offer for you called "Sober Contributor".

This is a special programme where you benefit from very interesting rates and exclusive offers for yourself and to share with your friends during a Sober Apéro.

Delivery times depend on the country you are in.

FRANCE: 95% of our parcels are delivered within 24 hours (if ordered before 11am, excluding Corsica and French overseas departments and territories).
EUROPE : Average 48h to 72h.
WORLD : according to distributor.

Delivery times may also depend on the delivery method you choose.

We are sorry to hear that. It happens sometimes, although we take every precaution at the outset.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Accept delivery of the product(s), even if broken,
  2. Take photos of the whole,
  3. Send the photos to cmd@soberspirits.com explaining the situation,
  4. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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